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A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches,
and loving favour rather than silver and gold (Prov.22:1)


From our Sending Pastor

As the Missionary Pastor of the San Marcelino Baptist Church, I want to recommend Pastor Jun and his wife Sister Bessie to become a part of your missionary team. He has been my associate for several years and has shown himself to be a genuine servant as my right hand man. He has taught in our seminary and Sunday Schools, preached in our services, increased our church membership, and is now planting a new work in Iba under our Church authority. He is NOT a hireling and has sacrificed for the cause of Christ.  As an American missionary, I never paid him a salary, but he lives off of what our church and other churches are able to do for him. His wife also has taught in our church and seminary, and is a hard, competent and spiritually mature Christian worker. As a pastor's Wife I am sure God will use her in Iba. To me, they are both worthy of your missionary budget and prayers.
Currently they have no gas stove, refrigrator or vehicle, and are renting a house large enough to use for their mission services.  They cook with charcoal, peddle a bicycle to save on pamasahee,  and are not complaining.  Any consideration you could give them, I am sure would be well appreciated and put to good use in their ministry.  Rev. Mike Mislan, Pastor of their Sending Church

A few more...
Although, it's difficult to be a servant of God and to stay in faith,  you really have done it very well... We know sometimes you're in hardship but let me say ... that whatever may happen, we're always here...To support you and God will always be praying for you... Just trust God and He will take care of everything... Emely Duque
When I remember the time, that we first meet, I know that two of you have a strong faith and I Know serving the Lord is in your heart. I inspired the two of you are the one who inspired  me a lot and I thank you for the encouragement and its big blessing to me that I treasured. Thank you. Charez Amigable
Be strong always in the Lord. I know God called you and your family in the missions. Continue serve the Lord and always but the armor of God. That you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. God bless you always! Love and prayer Irene and Kent 

From some SMBC Members:

I thank Pastor Jun and Sister Bessie for giving their lives to serve the Lord.  Truly they are good and faithful servants of God despite the many trials and hardships they are experiencing in their ministry.  Liza
Pastor Jun and Sister Bessie are faithful to God and they encouraged me to serve  God faithfully.  Sister Bessie is a good Sunday School teacher and Ptr Jun is a good and efficient pastor and good preacher too.  You can see they are genuine true Christians in their life.  Irene C.
Being a servant of God they are a great testimony to us.  They devoted their life to serve the Lord faithfully and I am thankful to God because they renewed my Christian life for the trails I encountered.  Milyn
During my stay in the church they guided me spiritually and took care of my physically.  I thank God for them because they encouraged me to continue serving God. Edward
I have known Pastor Jun for several years and he was a good pastor to us.  He preaches well, has good character, and is loyal to his family.  Sister Bessie his wife is also wonderful with good character and obeys God's commands.  Marilyn A. Nolasco
They are good missions.  even if they encountered trials to serve God, it is not a hindrance to them.  They are true servants of God.. Torelle

I really praise the Lord for your willingness to serve the Lord in Iba. Your love and dedication to serve Him there encourages me. May the Lord continually encourages you to stand firm and give you the unwillingness to give up in serving Him. In Christ, Rey and Jane

Psalm 126:5 "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy." I just want to let you know that you're always in one prayers. Being in the ministry is not like bed of roses there are trials and difficulties, but all of these things are recognized and are appreciated. Thank you very much Pastor Jun and Sis. Bessie for being an encouragement to me and to other people. Our lives are being touched by the testimony that you've shown. May God bless your ministry more and more. In Christ, Roan L. Rodriquez

We had not much time together yet the few times of fellowship we had, showed me your communicable enthusiasm to serve the Lord in anyways... May God blessed you more in all your daily undertakings... Mr and Mrs. E. Duque

I"m so gald that your ministry in Iba is growing. We are always praying  for your ministry there,that more lost souls got saved.We are always  praying for your health and protection everyday. Sis. Solidad
I'm so glad first to God and to both of you because of your continous  serving God faithfully. Thanks for being good and kind to us us (SMBC  members). May God continue to bless you and your family, anywhere you go. We will be praying for you and your family. In Christ Love, Nanay  Lita.
First of all I would like to thank God, because your being part of my Christian life. Thank you for encouraging me. During the time when I am weak in my christian life. Thank you, and may God bless you always. We love you. Bro.Alex

TO OUR PASTOR: Good day Ptr. Mike upon receiving this simple thank you message of mine. Thank you very much. I see already the website you did for us. Its beautiful and a good one to read and see. Again thank you very much for your time and effort for doing it. God bless you and your family.




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